Since it has become the second-fastest growing city in Ireland (the town’s population has nearly doubled in just the last ten years alone), the City of Dublin is literally bursting at the seams with new residents. According to the census completed in the year 2020, the total population was 72,589. The city is going through a period of tremendous development, both commercially and residentially, in preparation for its anticipated future growth.

With more people comes more junk that needs to be collected.

The business model behind Kollects is comparable to that of the on-demand taxi platform Hailo; however, rather than transporting people, we transport waste. We have a nationwide network of reliable independent waste contractors that we work with to remove junk, collect bins, and provide skip rental services. As we receive job orders from our clients, we make them available to the network through the platform that we have built. Jobs are accepted by the waste provider that is geographically closest and best suited to them who also has available capacity. Because our platform establishes a connection between us and our Service Partners at all times while they are working on jobs, we are able to closely monitor and track how the job is progressing and keep our customers informed at all times. Consumers will find that using Kollect to have their waste collected is the more convenient option. Pay only when your bin is full; there are no annual fees and no monthly costs associated with this service.

As long as the plastic is “clean, dried, and loose,” you are free to throw away any and all plastic packaging, including soft plastic, in the container designated for recycling in your home. When you could previously put rigid plastic in your green bin, this represents a significant shift in policy.

It is due to the implementation of advanced technological solutions at Ireland’s recycling centres. These centres will sort out any plastics that aren’t able to be recycled and then use them to create something called solid recovered fuel, which can be used in cement kilns in place of fossil fuels.

We are able to dispose of the waste generated by your construction site in locally delivered skips, regardless of the size of your construction site. If you decide to hire a skip in Dublin, you are selecting to receive the same high-quality service as everyone else. However, if you do not load your skip in the correct manner, you run the risk of spending more money than necessary because you will not make full use of the space that is available. If you load your skip in the correct manner, you won’t need another skip or one that’s larger than the one you currently have.

Do you require the services of a skip hire company in Dublin or any of the surrounding areas? Our nationwide service is only provided by local suppliers who have been carefully selected by our team, setting us apart from the majority of waste management companies. We are able to provide you with low-cost skip rental services in the vicinity of your location thanks to this method. We are able to assist you in the event that you are looking for an cheap skip hire or require recycling services.

Similar to people, skips can be found in a wide variety of configurations and dimensions. Nevertheless, selecting the appropriate skip size is an essential step that has a direct bearing on the rate at which it can be utilised. You will have no trouble using the skip size guide, and it will be of great assistance to you in selecting the best skip for your requirements. If you have a skip that is too small, it may cause your waste to overflow. If you order too much, you may end up paying to move more air than you need to! Make sure that you make use of our guide to selecting a skip size for your project by clicking here.