Rubbish compactors designed specifically for commercial use are among the most worthwhile investments that a company can make. Not only do they cut down on the total amount of waste produced and lower your garbage bill by between 35 and 75 percent, but they also enhance sanitation and makes it easier to keep an area clean. No more dumpsters that are overflowing, vermin, unpleasant odours, or careless dumping… Every one of our compactors, no matter how big or how small, is guaranteed to make your operation more efficient.

The cleanliness of an area can be further enhanced by installing compactors, which make it simpler for employees to dispose of waste. You got that right. It is possible to place 15–352 bags inside of one of our compactors as an alternative to placing the bag on the ground close to the back door. The trash is compressed into manageable cubes that are then wrapped in plastic (or placed in bags that can be composted) and are then made ready to be placed into the compactor by using our foot-pedal garbage lift. In a similar vein, when there is a compactor located in the rubbish fenced area, it is simple for employees to open the door, move the rubbish over to the compactor, and close the door. There won’t be any more spills or bags that could trip you up… Whatever is put inside the compactor will be consumed, crushed, and contained in its confined space.

Why Should You Spend Money on a Commercial trash Compactor?

The majority of computer systems offer a return on investment in less than twenty-four months if you choose to purchase them. When leased, the vast majority of installations produce positive cash flow almost immediately. You can, of course, also sign up for a bespoke compactor rental, which will provide you with an immediate boost to your positive cash flow and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all repairs will be covered for the duration of the rental term.

In addition to the obvious financial benefits of local rubbish compactors improve operational efficiency. Commercial compactors will assist you in saving space, lowering labour costs, assisting in the security of the back door, reducing the potential for theft, getting rid of unpleasant odours and pests, and improving the overall looks of your facility to both your employees and your customers.

Are garbage compactors beneficial to the environment? Absolutely. With a compaction ratio of up to 10:1, compactors reduce the volume of waste that is sent to landfills, thereby extending the lifespan of landfills. For the purpose of waste diversion, compactors can be used to reduce the volume of high-volume material, making it possible to process compost or recyclables in a separate operation. Further, there is a reduction in the amount of noise pollution caused by garbage trucks, as well as a reduction in the amount of wear and tear that is caused to driveways, when garbage truck trips are reduced from 7 days per week to one day per week. Carbon emissions that are harmful to the environment are reduced by a factor of 600.

The “Overage Charges” Should Be Eliminated From The Garbage Company While Working to Improve Sanitation

Have you received a “overage fee” because the rubbish you placed in your dumpster went beyond the rim of the container? Due to the fact that your material is compressed below the lip line and encased, or loaded into a container that is sealed, industrial rubbish compactors can remove the need for you to pay that fee.  The waste is restricted from being exposed to the environment and vermin as a result of the compactor’s ability to pack it in tightly within the container. Your garbage receptacle has been thoroughly cleaned and organised now. The garbage that would otherwise be able to become tainted with snow or rainwater as it was dumped into an open trash bin and possibly washed away in the storm drain is now protected by the compactor.

Sanitation Inside the Building

Because they are located indoors, commercial trash compactors remove the need to stack bags near the exit door. Putting the substance into the compactor is all that is required. Both the compactors that we offer pack refuse and recyclable materials directly into a wheeled bin. Our indoor Power Packs condense fifteen to thirty-five bags into a cube that is simple to manipulate and is wrapped in either pvc or organic bags so that it is easy to transport outside. These systems prevent liquid from leaking out and prevent a sticky mess from following people outside.

Pest Management

Insects, rodents, and other unwanted critters enjoy scavenging through garbage even more than humans do. If waste is not properly disposed of, then vermin and other unwanted visitors will be drawn to the area, which can lead to the spread of disease. If you make the right investment in a commercial rubbish compactor, you can reduce the amount of waste that is left unattended, improve the sanitation, and protect your employees from getting hurt. If you have outdoor bins that are left open to the elements for just any length of time, you will probably attract pests such as unwanted insects, birds, and rodents, which can become more of a problem than just an annoyance. Again, to use a compactor to pack the garbage into a container will result in a significant improvement in both the management of odours and the prevention of pest infestations.

To summarise, garbage compactors have the potential to improve sanitation in the following ways:

  • bringing the total amount of waste produced down by anywhere between 300 and 800 percent
  • lowering the number of stray bags and clearing away the clutter that surrounds the garbage and recycling area
  • Increasing the amount of usable space both indoors and outdoors, as well as enhancing sanitation
  • preventing waste from being tracked either indoors or outdoors and from being left exposed to the elements (rain or snow).
  • preventing animals, rodents, and insects from entering dumpsters by any means necessary

Regular Maintenance

Do you have a rusty compactor that could use some TLC? Garbage compactors, like any other piece of machinery, require routine maintenance in order to continue operating at peak efficiency. Bay Area rubbish Compactor offers three different levels of management to guarantee that their systems are always operating at peak efficiency. To ensure that your compactor is in good and secure working order at all times, we advise performing a comprehensive inspection in addition to a lube and oil check once every two, three, or six months.

Managing waste does not have to be an overly complicated process. Garbage compactors designed for commercial use are an approach to minimize expenses related to garbage disposal, enhance levels of sanitation, save time and labour, and protect the safety of your workforce.